• Linyi jinhu color coating aluminum
  • Linyi jinhu color coating aluminum

Corporate vision: to become a leading enterprise in the industry of metal decorative building materials

Enterprise mission: to beautify the buildings with technological innovation

Corporate value: Honesty and dedication, Unity and cooperation, Truth-seeking and innovation, Thanksgiving and sharing

Culture Interpretation:
Honesty and dedication:
Honesty and integrity, magnanimous words and deeds, insist on credit, and reputation first.
Diligent work attitude, down-to-earth and keep improving.
Love our job and devoted to our color coating industry.


Unity and Cooperation: 

Actively join the team, willing to accept helps from colleagues and complete the work in the team
Actively give constructive opinions before decision-making, fully participate in the team discussion; and after decision-making, give full support from words and deeds regardless of any objections. 
Actively share business knowledge and experience and provide necessary helps for colleagues; solve problems and difficulties relying on team cooperation
Cooperation and win-win, to gather strength; Cooperate with suppliers, customers and peers and Cooperate with colleagues, superiors and subordinates.


Truth-seeking and Innovation: 

We should start from the actual situations, do practical things, and seek practical results rather than formalism when we think over our problems, handle issues and do jobs. 
Pioneering and innovation, work boldly and creatively, initiate a new situation in product research and development, management ideas and profit models. 


Thanksgiving and Sharing: 

"Thanksgiving" is to give thanks to all helps and keep them in minds for all people and all things; 
Willing to show thanks and gratitude and repay others in a thankful attitude.
"Thanksgiving" is the basis of respect. Respect for others, the society, nature, knowledge and pursue for the meanings of life in mutual respect others and the society and in the natural harmony. 
Sharing: Be willing to share personal gains, personal growth and share the achievements and fruits with the team, and share success and development with partners.